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Tradition American Civil War

These figures may be used for either Union or Confederate troops and all the officers listed may be used for any branch of service.
CAVALRY (Mounted)
CW 1  Officer arm raised $4.00
CW 2  Trooper sword raised, leaning forward  $4.00
CW 3  trooper, sword raised, sitting upright  $4.00
CW 4  Trooper holding carbine  $4.00

CAVALRY (on foot)
CW 5  Officer firing pistol  $2.00
CW 6  Trooper firing carbine  $2.00

CW 7  Officer advancing with sword  $2.00
CW 8  Private advancing with levelled musket  $2.00
CW 9  Private standing firing  $2.00
CW 10  Private standing loading musket  $2.00
CW 11  Private kneeling loading musket  $2.00
CW 12  Private marching with shouldered musket  $2.00

Gunners on foot in gun serving positions
CW 13  Officer looking thourgh field glasses  $2.00
CW 14  Sergeant giving orders  $2.00
CW 15  Gunner with rammer  $2.00
CW 16  Gunner with shot  $2.00
CW 17  Gunner with match  $2.00
CW 18  Gunner with haverstock  $2.00
CW CN  Gun of the Union Army  $4.00
CW CS  Gun of the Confederate Army  $4.00
CW LN  Limber of the Confederate Army  $4.00
CW LS  Limber of the Confederate Army  $4.00

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