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Military Insignia
US Army
Part No.  Description  Source Thumbnail
USAS  US Army Seal  USA US Army Seal
USAL  US Army Logo  USA US Army Logo

US Army Divisions
Part No.  Description  Source Thumbnail
USA01  1st Infantry Division  RAN 1st Infantry Division
USA02  2nd Infantry Division  JS 2nd Infantry Division
USA03  3rd Infantry Division   RAN  3rd Infantry Division
USA04  4th Infantry Division  RAN 4th Infantry Division
USA05  5th Infantry Division   RAN 5th Infantry Division
USA06  6th Infantry Division  RAN 6th Infantry Division
USA07  7th Infantry Division  RAN 7th Infantry Division
USA08  8th Infantry Division  USA 8th Infantry Division
USA09  9th Infantry Division  USA 9th Infantry Division
USA10  10th Mountain Division  USA 10th Mountain Division
USA23  23rd Infantry Division  RAN 23rd Infantry Division
USA24  24th Infantry Division  RAN 24rd Infantry Division
USA25  25th Infantry Division  RAN 25th Infantry Division
USA82  82nd Airborne Division  USA 82nd Airborne Division
USA101  101st Airborne Division USA 101st Airborne Division
USA1CAV  1st Cavalry Division  USA 1st Cavalry Division
USA1AR  1st Armored Division  USA 1st Armored Division
USA2AR  2nd Armored Division  USA 2nd Armored Division
USA3AR  3rd Armored Division  USA 3rd Armored Division

Part No.  Description  Source Thumbnail
MCS01  Marine Corps Seal 1  USMC Marine Corps Seal 1
MCS02  Marine Corps Seal 2  USMC Marine Corps Seal 2

Marine Divisions
Part No.  Description  Source Thumbnail
MCD03  3rd Marine Division   USMC  3rd Marine Division
MCD04  4th Marine Division  USMC 4th Marine Division
MCD05  5th Marine Division   USMC

Part No.  Description  Source Thumbnail
MCE01  Marine Emblem 1
Semper Fidelis 
USMC Marine Emblem 1
MCE02  Marine Emblem 2 
Few, Proud, Marines 
USMC Marine Emblem 2
MCM01  Marine Memorial 
Semper Fidelis 
USMC  Marine Memorial 1
MCM02  Marine Memorial 
Few, Proud, Marines
USMC Marine Memorial 2

Photographic Credits

We wish to give credit to the sources of our photographs. Below are listed the abbreviations we use and the full names of the sources of the photographs.

US Marines      
   USMC   Courtesy of the United States of Marines Corps/US Government
US ARMY      
   RAN   Courtesy of Richard Alan
   JS     Courtesy of John Stolzenberg
   USA   Courtesy of the United States Army/US Government