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    The following is a complete list of all items produced by Miami Miniatures. This includes our selection of 30 mm figures and accessories. Our 30 mm figures are compatible with the 30 mm Tradition, Willies, and other 30 mm figures currently on the market. They are slightly larger than the standard 25 mm figure. These 30 mm figures are compatible with many of the new figure lines that are being called large 25mm figures.

    We have chosen to sell the mounted figures and horses separately to allow you, the customer, to choose what horse position you want, rather than have them pre-selected by us. We also made separate horses for Large 25 mm and 30 mm figures; the standard 30 mm horses are bigger and taller than the Large 25 mm horses. You need to determine if your figures are being used as Large 25 or 30 mm and select accordingly. In the horse teams and accessories sets, the horses are coded L25 for Large 25 mm and 30 for 30mm. Please be sure to mark on the order form what size you wish to order.

    We are always open to suggestions and comments. Please feel fee to write us and let us know what items you would like added to our product line in the future.


Rich Neibert


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