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Part No.  Description  Source Thumbnail
AM100  William Nutter Home 1866  NSHS
AM101  RJ Reynolds Farm  NSHS
AM102  Rural Mail Delivery  LOC
AM103  Street Car, Washington DC  LOC
AM104  Road Grader  NSHS
Road Grader
AM105  Holt and Sons Mule Company  NSHS Holt and Sons Mule Company
AM106  Working Children  LOC Working Children
AM107  Sod School  NSHS Sod School
AM108  School Girls  NSHS School Girls
AM109  Virge Allen Homestead  NSHS Virge Allen Homestead
AM110  Thrashing Crew  NSHS Thrashing Crew
AM111  New Helena Post Office  NSHS New Helena Post Office
AM112  Broken Bow Nebraska  NSHS Broken Bow Nebraska

Photographic Credits

Below are listed the abbreviations we use and the full names of the sources of the photographs.

NSHS   Courtesy of: Nebraska State Historical Society      
LOC   Courtesy of: The Library of Congress