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Wild West Series - Cowboys and Indians

WS100  Cowboy kneeling firing pistol  $1.50 Cowboys 100-104
WS101  Cowboy firing rifle  $1.50
WS102  Cowboy holding saddle bags  $1.50
WS103  Cowboy standing hands on belt  $1.50
WS104  Sheriff  $1.50
WS105  Cowboy kneeling with rifle  $1.50 Cowboys 105-109
WS106  Cowboy firing pistol  $1.50
WS107  Cowboy holding lasso  $1.50
WS108  Cowboy ready to draw pistol  $1.50
WS109  Cowboy drawn pistol  $1.50
WS110  Wagon driver  $1.50 Cowboys 110-114
WS111  Wagon driver / shotgun  $1.50
WS112  Kneeling branding  $1.50
WS113  Standing branding  $1.50
WS114  Cook kneeling with pan  $1.50
WS115  Cook with pot of beans  $1.50

WS150  Cowboy waving lasso  $1.50 Cowboys 150-154
WS151  Cowboy firing pistol to rear  $1.50
WS152  Cowboy firing rifle  $1.50
WS153  Cowboy riding / woolly chaps  $1.50
WS154  Cowboy pistol in air  $1.50
WS155  Cowboy waving hat  $1.50 Cowboys 155-159
WS156  Cowboy drawing pistol  $1.50
WS157  Cowboy riding  $1.50
WS158  Cowboy firing pistol to front  $1.50
WS159  Cowboy holding Winchester  $1.50

Note: Horses sold separately

WS120  Holding money bag  $1.50 Outlaws
WS121  Firing rifle  $1.50
WS122  Kneeling firing pistol  $1.50
WS123  Firing pistol  $1.50
WS124  Kneeling firing rifle  $1.50

WS125  Holding strong box  $1.50 Revolutionary War Command
WS126  Pistol up  $1.50
WS127  Firing pistol right  $1.50
WS128  Firing rifle left  $1.50
WS129  Firing pistol left  $1.50

WS200  Warrior kneeling firing bow  $1.50
WS201  Sub Chief in war bonnet firing rifle  $1.50
WS202  Warrior crouched with carbine  $1.50
WS203  Warrior throwing spear  $1.50
WS204  Warrior with tomahawk  $1.50
WS205  Warrior kneeling with carbine  $1.50
WS206  Chief, full headdress with coup stick  $1.50
WS207  Warrior with buffalo headdress and spear  $1.50
WS208  Warrior standing firing bow  $1.50
WS209  Sub Chief in war bonnet with war club  $1.50
WS210  Warrior charging / tomahawk / wolf headdress  $1.50
WS211  Warrior advancing spear / shield  $1.50
WS212  Warrior kneeling firing carbine  $1.50
WS213  Warrior charging rifle overhead  $1.50
WS214  Warrior advancing war club / shield  $1.50

WS220  Chief, full headdress  $1.50
WS221  Warrior with spear and shield  $1.50
WS222  Warrior buffalo headdress and war club  $1.50
WS223  Warrior firing bow  $1.50
WS224  Warrior with Winchester  $1.50
WS225  Sub Chief war bonnet firing rifle  $1.50
WS226  Warrior throwing spear  $1.50
WS227  Warrior with bow  $1.50
WS228  Warrior with tomahawk  $1.50
WS229  Sub Chief in war bonnet with pistol  $1.50
WS230  Sub Chief in war bonnet with cradled rifle  $1.50
WS231  Warrior striking with war club  $1.50
WS232  Sub Chief in war bonnet with tomahawk  $1.50
WS233  Warrior firing pistol  $1.50
WS234  Warrior in buffalo headdress with spear  $1.50

WS160  Riding  $1.50 Pony Express 161-163
WS161  Pistol up  $1.50
WS162  Firing pistol rear  $1.50

Note: Horses sold separately

WS260  Prone firing rifle  $1.50 Western Apache 260-264
WS261  kneeling with rifle  $1.50
WS262  Standing firing bow  $1.50
WS263  Advancing with spear  $1.50
WS264  Charging with rifle overhead  $1.50
WS265  Kneeling firing bow  $1.50 Western Apache 265-269
WS266  Standing firing rifle  $1.50
WS267  Advancing crouching with rifle  $1.50
WS268  Rifle high port  $1.50
WS269  Attacking with knife  $1.50

WS280  Geranimo  $1.50 Western Apache Mounted 280-284
WS281  Warrior with spear  $1.50
WS282  Warrior holding rifle  $1.50
WS283  Warrior with bow  $1.50
WS284  Warrior with rifle out to side  $1.50
WS285  Warrior firing bow  $1.50 Western Apache 285-289
WS286  Warrior firing rifle right  $1.50
WS287  Warrior with warclub  $1.50
WS288  Warrior firing pistol  $1.50
WS289  Warrior firing rifle  $1.50

Note: Horses sold separately

WS430  Standing playing guitar  $1.50 Musicians Standing
WS431  Standing playing banjo  $1.50
WS432  Standing playing fiddle  $1.50
WS433  Standing playing concertina  $1.50
WS434  Standing playing harmonica  $1.50
WS435  Sitting playing guitar  $1.50 Musicians Seated
WS436  Sitting playing banjo  $1.50
WS437  Sitting playing fiddle  $1.50
WS438  Sitting playing concertina  $1.50
WS439  Sitting playing harmonica  $1.50

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