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One-Twentyfourth Scale


1/24 Scale vehicles are purchased as a three or four piece assortment. The colors included in the assortment will vary. Some are all one color, while others may have one each of four different colors. Most consist of two vehicles of two different colors. I have listed the usual colors of each assortment, but they will vary. Consequently we cannot control the quantity of color we receive. You should give alternate color choices when ordering.


Fire Engines
20098R  1935  Mack 75BX  Yatming  Red  $54.95
20118R  1923  Maxium C-1  Yatming  Red  $42.95

7601/4D  1956  Ford F100 Pickup  Superior  Black, White, Red, or Green  $12.95
7602D  1955  Chevy Stepside Pickup  Yatming  Green, Red, or Cream  $12.95

73228D/4D  1957  BelAir HT  Showcasts  Red or Green  $12.95
73229D/4D  1955  BelAir HT  Showcasts  Red or Green  $12.95
73216D/4D  1959  Corvette  Showcasts  Red or Black  $12.95
73248D/4D  1955  BelAir Nomad  Showcasts  Yellow or Green  $12.95
73266D/4D  1948  Aerosedan Fleetline  Showcasts  Red or Blue  $12.95
73268D/4D  1950  BelAir HT  Showcasts  Yellow or Green  $12.95
34257  1968  Camaro Conv-SE  Maisto  Red or Yellow  $12.95
34258/4D  1965  Malibu SS  Maisto  Red or Yellow  $12.95
8709D  1968  Chevelle SS 396  Superior  Red, Yellow, Green, or Black  $12.95

73242D  1969  GTO Judge  Showcasts  Red or Green  $12.95
8707D  1973  Firebird  Superior  Gold, Red, Yellow, or Black  $12.95

73315D  1969  Cornet Super Bee  Showcasts  Yellow or Red  $12.95
34256  1969  Charger R/T  Maisto  Silver or Blue  $12.95

73212D  1949  Coupe  Showcasts  Red or Blue  $12.95
73214D  1940  Coupe  Showcasts  Red or Dark Blue  $12.95
73260D  1949  Woody Wagon  Showcasts  Black  $12.95
73273D  1964 1/2  Mustang HT  Showcasts  Red or Silver  $12.95
73312D  1956  Thunderbird HT  Showcasts  Green or Red  $12.95
8706D  1968  Shelby GT  Superior  Red, White, Yellow or Black  $12.95
20103D  1989  Illinois State Police  Classic metalworks  White  $24.95



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